When People Miss the Mark…

Lift people up!
Lift people up!

When people miss the mark, screw up, under perform or just seem to not get it, it’s good to keep in mind:

They may be looking at a different target – My idea of “clean” is probably not the same as your idea of “clean.”

It may be the system – There may be things outside of their control that introduces variation in results, i.e. change in wind speed, different equipment, poor communication…

It could be the consequences – Very often the best employees get “stuck” doing what no one else will and their reward for doing their best is actually a punishment.


Start at home first – It’s our job as leaders to do everything we can to help them do the best job they can.  Make sure you are doing that and…

  • Get on the same page
  • Improve the system
  • Focus on and reward the right behaviors
  • Be a people builder!

Team Building 101 – What Would You Do?

You are in charge and employees normally come to you with problems and questions. That’s great unless you want to grow your organization. To do that, you need to delegate and have empowered employees who can handle those problems and situations.

To encourage employees to take the initiative and gain that often sought after sense of empowerment, ask them this simple question the next time they bring you a problem, “What would you do?” and then have a discussion including what you would do, their ideas and opinions, pro’s and con’s, etc.

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