Run Coaching

One of my favorite past times is running!  

I’ve been a runner since 2003 and it changed my life.  I lost over 50 lbs, feel great, and have found more success in life.  Now, I offer Individual Run Coaching and Running Camps…

for others looking to find similar success in running and in life through my program Empowered 2 Run.


As an RRCA and NESTA certified Running Coach, I help individuals reach their personal performance and fitness goals.  I am a 3:18 marathoner (used to be!) and have completed nearly 90 marathons and ultra-marathons including Boston and the Oil Creek 100 Mile Ultra Trail Race.

I am also a Run Coach for Team In Training (TNT) and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and fundraise and support for the fight against cancer annually.

Want to run a marathon, half-marathon or 5K race?  Is it your first time running or do you want to get faster or go farther?  Do you just need some help reaching the finish line because you can’t stay on a training plan or stay motivated?  I can help you achieve your personal best!

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“Ernie gave me the confidence that I can become a stronger runner and he became my inspiration as I started believing 26.2 miles really isn’t that far. I was able to complete my first marathon in less than my goal time and I’m already thinking about the next one.” – Polly M.

“I never thought I would be this good of a runner! Your coaching has been the best thing for my self-esteem and for my fitness level. Thank you so much for your coaching support, and encouragement.” – Tammy H.

“On my own, I struggled for years trying different marathon training programs – with poor results and no Boston qualifying times. With Ernie’s coaching and training schedule, I was able to focus on each workout with a specific training purpose instead of blindly logging mile after mile. He has definitely helped me achieve my running goals. Now I’m going to run the Boston marathon in 2009!” – John L.

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