About Us

Looking for dynamic and engaging business coaches who can help you elevate your business to new heights? Search no further!

Our experienced coaches specialize in helping entrepreneurs like you navigate the complexities of business building while keeping it fun. With our guidance, you’ll gain the confidence and knowledge to make data-driven decisions that propel your business to the next level and set you apart from the competition. Give us a call today and let the fun begin!

Ernest A. Lewis is a results-driven business coach who’s been helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses since 1997. Ernest is passionate about elevating the performance of businesses big and small while cultivating a thriving workplace environment.

At EA Lewis & Associates, we provide Business Coaching to help you grow your business and achieve your personal best! We do that through 1-on-1 Business Coaching, Business Owner Round Table, and Strategic Action Planning, Leadership Development, Team Building, and Continuous Improvement Services.

It’s about getting better results through growth and development over the long term, team building, employee engagement, professional development, improving communication, and finding personal accountability. We help you grow and run your business right so it doesn’t run you!

Outside the office, Ernest is a father of four and a devoted long-distance runner. He conquers marathons and ultra-marathons with the same enthusiasm he brings to coaching and he loves to hit the great outdoors to explore the trails and test his limits.

Are you ready to grow your business and achieve your personal best with a practical, no-nonsense approach? Reach out to Ernest today to discuss how to kickstart your business success journey!

Robin Mahle-Piccione, our Marketing Muse, is a master storyteller with 16 years of expertise in marketing and media relations. Born and raised in MN, she spent the first 12 years of her career managing a Minneapolis-based broadcast television production company.

This chapter of her life helped to hone her ability to perform under pressure and develop solutions-based problem-solving tactics in real-time. Having conducted over a thousand interviews in hundreds of different settings across dozens of industries, Robin has a unique ability to quickly wrap her head around your business and develop messaging that resonates with your ideal clients.

With her creative approach, and true passion for people, Robin provides dynamic opportunities to heighten your brand strategy. Email Robin today to discuss how she can help you with your marketing strategy and messaging that speaks volumes to your target market!

Emily Hoorman, our Goddess of Processes and Operations, is an enthusiastic agent for change and business growth! With a background in finance at a global engineering firm, Emily honed her skills by collaborating with company leaders to boost profitability while adhering to budgets. She then transitioned to a role focused on internal process improvement, change implementation, and training and development for project managers across all disciplines.

After a 15-year stint running a thriving healthcare business, Emily now leverages her diverse experiences to meet business owners right where they are, helping them grow their business by concentrating on enhancing operations and processes, including financials. Her astute business analysis and recommendations empower entrepreneurs to step back, gain a broader perspective, and make well-informed decisions rooted in real data, systems, and policies and procedures.

Outside of her professional life, Emily is a proud mother of three and a self-proclaimed super “foodie.” She delights in creating new food memories with family and friends and boasts a knack for developing a taste for virtually anything with enough persistence.

If you’re on the lookout for a Business Coach who can help you get out of the weeds and bring your operations, processes, and financials into sharp focus for optimal business growth and profitability, drop Emily a line today!

Allison Luce, our Rockstar Realtor, a distinguished Realtor with Howard Hanna, brings enthusiasm to her collaboration with EA Lewis & Associates as our part-time Rockstar Real Estate Coach. In between her successful property closings, Allison dedicates her time to helping real estate agents take their business to the next level. With Real Estate now her primary passion, coaching, mentoring, and training have always been roles she has been asked to step into over her career and she’s grown to truly enjoy them.

Allison began her longtime dream career in Real Estate in 2015. In her first year, Allison was awarded the Ohio and Toledo Association Presidents Club Award for successfully closing over $1 million and has consistently received the award every year since. With her deep understanding of various strategies and systems that have proven to be highly effective in buying and selling homes, Allison has built a thriving real estate business. Her comprehensive knowledge of the industry, combined with her ability to navigate the often complex and stressful processes of real estate transactions, sets her apart as a valuable resource for agents looking to up their game.

As a Real Estate Coach, Allison’s primary objective is to ensure her coaching clients not only learn high-performance business-building techniques but also discover and implement advanced systems and strategies to take their own real estate businesses to new heights.

If you’re seeking a Rockstar Real Estate Coach who can help you transform your real estate career, don’t hesitate to reach out to Allison today!

Christy Austin, our Mindset Warrior, helps clients with personal transformation and growth by breaking down mental barriers to successfully reach their goals. Her 15 years as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist gives Christy a unique ability to quickly identify mental barriers hindering goal achievement for both individuals and teams. 

Utilizing an EI approach, Christy strategically collaborates with leadership to improve morale, boost communication, and solidify company culture to increase employee engagement and reduce turnover. 

Known for her “cool, calm, and collected” yet focused style, Christy naturally motivates people to build organizations and mobilize teams to exceed their goals. With over 15 years of experience directing a faith-based nonprofit and launching her own business, Christy’s eclectic knowledge equips clients for success.

In her down time, you can catch Christy enjoying family, reading, laughing with friends, walking, or sipping her favorite coffee roast to some live music.

If you’re seeking a Business Coach who can help you transform your team and your organization, reach out to Christy today!