Can You Pass the QR Code Quiz?

by Coach Robin

Is a QR Code the right move for your marketing? Take The QR Code Quiz!

We see QR codes almost everywhere we go. They are a quick and convenient way to access a website or app from your mobile device. Many businesses use QR Codes but don’t necessarily know if they are using them correctly. They’re for more than just reaching your audience!

Knowing when, where, and how to use a QR Code can make a big difference in your marketing strategy effectiveness. So, take the QR Code Quiz today! 

These simple Yes or No questions will help you decide if a QR code is the right addition to your messaging. Read along with the tips and tricks to become a QR Code pro! 

1. Will your messaging be viewed in a physical, in-person format? 

You should never plan to use a QR code online. If you’re presenting your message online, such as in an email or on social media, a clickable link is the way to go, not a QR code. Remember that QR codes are accessed by scanning them with the camera on a smartphone, and over 90% of internet users browse from their mobile device, making it very difficult for those users to access a QR code. QR codes are highly effective for use in store displays, event spaces, screens, and pretty much every printed material you can imagine, such as flyers, brochures, and even business cards. 

2. Is your QR code accompanied by a strong call to action?

It’s important to determine whether or not a QR code can help you reach your goals, so make sure you have a clear objective in mind. You’re asking the audience to take a specific action, and that QR code is the quickest way to reach their destination. Here are some great examples…

  • Leave us a review
  • Register for our event
  • Order online
  • Browse our specials
  • Apply today!

Without a clear motivation for the audience to act, the code will not be effective. 

3. Does the link in your QR code match the audience expectations? 

Remember that a QR code is meant to make it easy and convenient for the audience to accomplish their objectives. Help them out by making the link as direct as possible. If you want them to read your blog post, the link needs to go to the blog page, not the home page. If you want them to leave a review, the link needs to take them directly to the review form, etc. There’s nothing more frustrating than the bait and switch, so don’t ask your audience to scan your code for savings, then link to your contact page instead. Take them straight to the savings!

4. Does your target audience have their phone handy when they see your code?

It seems like everyone is on their phones constantly these days, but there are still a few settings where QR codes aren’t the right fit because you shouldn’t be expecting people to have their phones handy. Billboards are not the right place to use a QR code because most of your audience will be driving in their cars and should NOT be opening the camera on their phones as they pass by your ad. Another example is during presentations. It is still common etiquette for people to put their phones away during high-end presentations. If you’re a keynote speaker at an event, think about providing a handout instead of asking the audience members to take out their phones to scan your code in the middle of the event. Of course, there are some settings where this is ok, so use some discretion when making that decision. 

5. Do you have a trust-based relationship with your audience? 

In this era of hacking and scams, it’s important to establish trust before using a QR code. Please make sure you trust that your audience will only use the link as intended and they won’t be trying to hack your code to embed a malicious link. You also want to make sure you have trust with your audience, because if they don’t trust you then they may not (and shouldn’t) scan your code.

If you answered “YES” to all of the questions above, then a QR code should be effective in producing results. If you answered “NO” to even one of these questions, then let’s discuss better strategies for achieving your goals through effective messaging. Schedule a consultation with our Marketing Muse, Robin Mahle-Piccione, and get ready to take your branding to the next level!

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