Training Update – Stop Thinking About It!

Me Dave and Joe
Me Dave and Joe

Hope your  4th of July weekend is going great! Quick update on my 50 mile July 4th training run…great weather led to some great miles on Friday!

I ran the Scout Trail at Oak Openings in Northwest Ohio with a couple of running friends, Dave and Joe…Dave is also getting ready to run the Eastern States 100 on August 16th and Joe is going to be doing the Oil Creek 100k on October 11th.  Big stuff coming up for everyone!

Dave and Joe both had a good run with Dave doing 45 in just over 9 hours and Joe putting in 30 at a fast pace.  My run was decent…I was shooting for 10-12 hours, nice and easy, and finished in 10:40…right in the zone.

The trail was awesome!  Saw a buck, a snake, a black squirrel, a gazillion brown squirrels, smelled a skunk (glad I missed him), heard a turkey, crossed paths with half a dozen horse back riders, and there were a lot of people out at the park celebrating the holiday with their families.  It was nice!

Yesterday was a good long rest day and today I am running a bit more to loosen up the legs and then it’s time for hill work!  I love hills (not really!)

Felt like quitting a couple of times when my quads were getting tight and causing my knee to act up and especially when it got warm…but here’s the trick that works the best for me…stop thinking about it!…I tuck those negative thoughts into the back of my mind, just push ’em aside, and keep going…because the legs get stronger only if you work through the discomfort…

For Liz and George and all our Honorees!  That’s what matters…no quit!

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Run Steady, Run Strong!

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