Secret to Being Empowered!

Being empowered is about having the knowledge, abilities, skills, resources, and even authority to do something. When we’re empowered, we can perform at the highest level.  However, there is still one crucial element needed for individuals to truly be empowered. They need that sense or “feeling” of being empowered.

Where do feelings occur? Inside ourselves of course. If we have that inner feeling of being empowered, we can use the resources, authority, skills, etc. to do what we need to do. If we don’t have that empowered feeling but we feel fear, doubt, anxiety, and other negative feelings, we will likely not be able to do what we need to do. We’ll hesitate, perform poorly, or not even try.

So, the secret to being empowered and being able to perform at your best is not just having the right knowledge, skills, abilities and authority but also getting past those negative thoughts and emotions that keep us from believing in ourselves and from even trying.

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  1. Great point, it’s important to overcome fear, and the best way is to take action, once you do you become more confident and ultimately feel more empowered. Good work.

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