Connecting Beyond Texting and Emailing

I just left a voicemail on Rachel’s phone.  She’s pretty important to me.  In fact, she’s the love of my life so that would make her top of my list!  I left her a voicemail for two very good reasons…1) she didn’t answer and,  2) I find myself texting and emailing too much!

Now, there is nothing wrong with texting and emailing.  They are great ways to say, “hello,” “that’s cool dude,” “here’s the info you need,” “i love you,” “get in here,” and many other things.  The problem I am finding personally, and that many other people I work with find with texting and emailing, is that they are so impersonal.

When I started texting not very long ago, I thought it was great.  I still think it’s great.  You can quickly and easily send info, reach out and say hello, send a joke, whatever, with just a few very tiny key strokes and minimal time investment.  Technologically, it’s a beautiful tool and it can certainly enhance comunication.  Email is the same.  The problems arise when we rely on them too much which is what happens to many of us.

Text and email is like other written communications.  It’s difficult to convey meaning, emotion, and intent.  You lose the advantages of seeing body language, facial expressions and hearing tone of voice.  Communication can be even more difficult with texting since the messages are typically short at 160 characters or less, i.e. there’s little or no depth.  For the silly or day to day stuff, text or email away.  

However, if you really want to connect with someone in terms of relationship building, once in a while instead of hitting the keys for a bunch of letters and an email or text message, dial a phone number and say hello…personally!  Even if you have to leave a voice mail, it will have more meaning and more depth.  Better yet, if they are really important to you be they family, friend, employee, the love of your life, or a client, set up a meeting so you can meet face to face. 

There is still no better way to connect than by shaking hands, breaking bread, and by looking someone in the eye!  The time and energy invested will be worth it…

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