Focused Transformation in The Moment

Most of us want to do more and better.  We want to become more skilled, more knowledgeable, more capable.  We want to become rock stars, legends and superheroes.  We want to transform ourselves!

So, how is it some people seem to easily become all they want to be and do all they want to do and others struggle day in and day out? 

There are a couple of reasons. 

First, the ones who succeed learn how to focus.   They pick the one thing they want the most and go after it.  That’s difficult for many of us in this day and age of multi-tasking.  The problem with multi-tasking is that when we try to do many things at once, no one thing gets done well. 

The secret to focusing is to define your priority task that will help you create what you want for yourself.  Work on that first.  Give it your utmost attention, do it the best that you can!  Then no matter how long your to do list, the things that make the most difference and give you the most bang for your buck get done first.

Second, live in the moment.  Worrying about the future or dwelling on the past saps our energy for no good reason and we actually find reasons to not succeed:  “It’s been done before,” “It’s too hard,” “It will never work.”  But, every moment we step into is a moment that we can step out as someone totally brand new.  Live in the moment and you’ll actually be able to eliminate the excuses and mental roadblocks, get busy, get something done, and over time accomplish more than you ever thought possible!

The opportunity to transform ourselves is right here and right now.  We just need to focus right here and right now!

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