Test Your Belief In Your Value

We all have fears and doubts.  We’re afraid of the unknown, new places, change.  We doubt our skills and abilities, even our own experiences.  We question whether or not we’re good enough.  Getting past these internal roadblocks is key to success.

Successful people are able to stand tall and firm in the face of scary things.  So, how do they do it?  It starts with belief.  You have to believe in yourself more than anything.  You have to believe deep down that you have the right knowledge, the right skills, the right vision and if you don’t have it, you have to believe you can get it.

If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will either.  When talking to others, you’ll hesitate.  Your voice will quiver.  Your body language will give you away.  You’ll be less enthusiastic.  When you hesitate, people will stop to wonder what’s wrong with this picture.  They’ll see your fear and doubt every time and right away.

Successful people learn all they need to learn, experience all they can, and get out of their comfort zone.  They do their homework so to speak and they are diligent.  They build their credibility and their skill base and do all the basic things we expect to see successful people do.  Most importantly they face their fears.  They look inside and question why they are afraid and why they doubt themselves because they know that when they discover the source of their fear, they can quench it.

One simple test I often use to help people learn to believe in themselves is to ask them,”How much are you worth?”  How they answer this question is very telling.  When they can answer right away, it shows they know their value, they have a measure of self-repect, and they believe it.  When they hesitate, I know there is work to be done.

I ask them to start to quantify their value and learn to describe it in words.  It might be $100 per hour, customer service second to none, or even, “just awesome!”  I have them start to practice saying it, “I charge $100 per hour and provide awesome customer service second to none!”  Then I have them implement it. 

When we practice it and live it, even if we don’t yet believe it, we learn to say it with confidence.  We don’t hesitate.  Over time, we begin to internalize it.  When we get it right in our behavior it follows in our head, and vice versa…

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