Final update! The Oil Creek 100 Ultra marathon…

Hey Everyone,

Final update!  The Oil Creek 100 Ultra marathon is just a few days away, this Saturday, so this is my last pre-race update…promise!

We hit and exceeded our fundraising goal at 112% and $5,623, and our Honoree list is now at 104 names.  I’ve added my good friend Rodney Cundiff to our Honoree list. 

Six months ago, on March 31st, Rodney asked me for some help in getting fit.  He was formerly athletic but had let himself go over the years.  When we got started he was walking a couple of times a week but he was over-weight, constantly tired, out of shape, had blood pressure issues, and on and on.  Since then, Rodney has been walking and running 4-5 times a week, been doing calisthenics on a regular basis, eating better, and feeling great.  He’s done all of this to be healthier and happier and for his wife and kids.  What’s even more amazing is that Rodney was never supposed to be able to do this.  You see, he had a brain tumor when he was a child as well as other health issues.  Doctors said he wouldn’t live past the age of 18.  Today, Rodney is 46 years old.   Rodney is a fighter.

In the past couple of months, Rodney has helped pace me on one of my long runs and he not only finished his first 5K race, but he got his family to do it with him.  I’ve been saving Rodney for last to add to our Honoree list because he has inspired me these last six months.  All these years, Rodney has triumphed over cancer and the literally astounding odds against him which are calculated to be on the order of 10 million squared…no kidding!  If he can do this, I know I can run an easy race like the Oil Creek 100.  Thank you Rodney!

Finally, a thought and a prayer for friend Kevin Harrison and his father.  Jim Harrison is on our Honoree list and he has had a relapse and is going through another round of chemo.  So, if you have a moment, send a prayer out to the both of them.

If you want to track my progress at Oil Creek, you can view updates on-line at:

Thanks so much for supporting the cause!  If you haven’t already, please consider a donation to support the fight against cancer and honor a loved one.  You can donate on-line at:

For those that prefer to donate off-line, please make your check payable to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and mail it to:  3936 Elmhurst Road, Toledo, OH 43613.

See you when I get back! – Ernie

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