The Handwriting On The Wall

Most businesses and organizations are going through major changes due to the economy.  Everyone has been affected in some way.  Too often though, a business owner or an employee asks me, “Why did this have to happen? How come we weren’t told sooner?”  Facing change is tough, yes, but sometimes we need to wake up!

If we’re paying attention at all, we know we need to do things differently.  But, in spite of all the media attention on the economy, all of the memos, and the staff meetings discussing the possibilities of layoffs, people still choose not to see the handwriting on the wall.

In the 1998 national bestseller, “Who Moved My Cheese?” author Spencer Johnson, M.D., provided several basic tenets for handling change.  The first is Change Happens.  In this maze we call life, they keep moving the cheese on us.  As soon as we forget or deny this, we are in trouble.  The second and third tenets are Anticipate Change and Monitor for Change.  We know they are going to move the cheese, we have to be ready for it, and we need to keep a watch for the signs that tell us when it’s going to move!

Dealing with change is not easy, but the handwriting on the wall is there for each of us to see, or not…

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