August 14, Marathon Training Update

Taking it easy this week with last Sunday off but still achieved some milestones:

Wednesday, August 13th, ran a mile in 5:45!  Fastest mile ever.  Need 15 more seconds to have the “magic mile,” and be ready for Dayton.

Tuesday, August 12th, ran 10 x 1/2 mile intervals for the first time, 3:10 average and 90 second rest periods.  Will be working on reducing the rest periods to 60 seconds over the next few weeks before the Dayton race.

Saturday, August 8th, ran with TNT at Farnsworth.  Felt great!  Hit the 8 miles out in 57 minutes and the 8 miles back in 58 1/2 minutes.  Think I was getting tired on the way back as my pace kept slipping.  Passed the team members on the way back and each time I got a little pumped with the cheers and the high fives!  What a team!

Planning on 50 this coming Sunday!  Kind of scary but Oil Creek is getting close…not sure how I feel about that…

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