16 More To Go! Honoree Update

Hey Everyone,

Wanted to give you an update on our Honorees for our fundraising effort for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  My list of 100 keeps growing (unfortunately) and we are getting there so keep sending names and stories of those I can run for.  I am honored to do this for you and for all of our Honorees.  I hope to do you proud at the Akron Marathon on September 26th, and at the Oil Creek 100 on October 10th.   Thanks so much!

First of all though, if you haven’t heard… 11 year old Alexa Brown lost her battle with cancer this morning at 4 a.m.  So sadly I run in memory of Alexa rather than in honor of.  Please say a prayer for her and her family.


Karen Landis, Herb Landis, Nga Gnass (my mom), Mosadi Hobson, Clifford Tupper, Julie Schultz, Judy Evanoff, Andrea Loch, Jan Loch, Andrea Cragel, Kenneth Morgan, Jack Conner, Al Manke III, Paula Clinger, Karen Hylan, Pat Schaefer, JoAnn Kroll, Kathy Hoff, Kathy Braker, Deane Hemsoth, Dennis Hemsoth, Lenora Reisdorph, Antoinette Castiglione, Patricia Jobe, Phyllis Brown, Mildred Gnass, Sharon Lidz, Joanne Hill, Bill Tank, Opal Pack, Martha Robinson, Janet Bentley Reynolds, Gene Winterhalter, Rita Winterhalter, Sue Hopkins, Ron Bugaj, Rochelle, June Troester, Carol Hepner, Dee Washington, Rosetta Washington, Annette Nardi, Phyllis Brown, Carol Haddix, Scott Tong, Carmen, Nataleigh, Winifred Kain, Gladys Bless, Joann Shields, Pauline Horvath, Alexa Brown, Chris Mitchell, Holly Kowalcik, Karen O’Neill, Philip Kim, Jene Roach, Bob Ufer, Doug Andrews, Bill Andrews, Diane Polfus, Nancy Warren, Thom Joyce, Katelyn Apple, Gertrude Galik, Joe Puhy, Val Wolfe, Deb Steele, Jim Spielman, Emma Lou Bell, Sharon Data, Karen Johnson, Ruth Spengler, Paula Massey, Matt Langenderfer, Gary Kampmann, Bob Romick, Carmen Fontana, Troy Pio-Winkelman, Kathy Dominique, Carol Justen, John Katakis, and in special honor of Kanye and Brandon..

84  names so far….not fun…but worth the effort of an easy 126.2 miles…

If I left someone off, please let me know.  Thanks.

Fundraising is at $4,388.  Just a ways more to go!  If you haven’t already, please consider a donation to support the fight against cancer and honor a loved one.  You can donate on-line at: http://pages.teamintraining.org/noh/RoadRun09/ernestlewis

For those that prefer to donate off-line, please make your check payable to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and mail it to:  3936 Elmhurst Road, Toledo, OH 43613.

We’re almost there.  Help us meet and exceed our goal for this great cause!

All my best,  Ernie

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