July 10, 2009 Marathon Training Update

Birthday today.  20 years ago, I would have never imagined running marathons and training for these races this fall.  People often look at me when they hear I signed up for the Oil Creek 100 and they say, “That’s just crazy,” and I have to agree with them.  It is crazy…but I’m doing it.  I have to now since I signed up, paid my money, and told everyone I would…it’s the challenge to see how far I can go physically and mentally…the adrenaline rush…but more importantly, it’s to raise money to help fight cancer.

It forces me to look inside myself.  At times, I wonder what I’m made of…I keep hitting milestones: ran my fastest 1/4 in 1:22 today, Thursday actually, and that was after a set of 800’s, ran my longest day ever at 32 miles, ran my longest week last week at 72 miles.  I feel great inside and out.  I feel so good it makes me wonder what I’m missing…hmmm…

Thursday July 9, 2009

Ran 7×800’s at 3:10 pace with 90 sec rest.  Felt pretty good even with the 80 degree temp.  David ran at 3:00 pace and Don joined us to run at 4:00 pace.  Everyone is running well.

Tuesday July 7, 2009

Ran 19 today, broke it up by running 9 with Rachel, 5 with David who actually showed up late so I was done when he was getting started, lol, and ran 5 with Don.  It was a perfect day for running.  Warm but with a cool breeze and lots of sun.  I just kept wanting to get out there and run more!

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