July 6, 2009 Marathon Training Update

Good week of running!  Clocked 72 miles last week through Saturday.  The bulk of that was the long run of last Sunday June 28th.  This week is feeling pretty good too.  Will keep the mileage on the low side to do another long run next Sunday.  Feeling confident about being ready for Oil Creek which is just 14 weeks away.  It’s still hard to imagine going that far but I never imagined doing 72 in a week before either.  The milestones keep coming. I hope they never stop!

Sunday July 5, 2009

Ran 20 with David for his first real long run for the season.  Weather was perfect and we cruised right along for an 8:03 pace.  Great run considering Island View the day before!  We were getting tired in the last two but stayed with it and David kicked the last 100 yards or so to hit the finish first.  The man has speed.  I’m jealous!  :-)

Saturday July 4, 2009

Ran with TNT at Island View park in Rossford.  Great for the hills.  Cranked out 13 laps with David, Frank and Monica throughout the morning.  Most at a 7:50 pace which which felt great and the last two were with Monica at her pace which was a real nice and tough workout.  Going the slower pace with Monica, who cranked out 9 laps herself!, works the muscles differently which is not an easy thing.  The team is doing great, everyone is having fun training and they are right on track with their fundraising.  They are inspiring.

Breakfast afterwards at Bob Evans was fun.  Sometimes breaking bread with friends after a good run is the best part.  Talking about our kids, age 2 and up, and the books we’ve read recently, and sharing training stories and support and encouragement, just makes you feel good and connected. 

Have to remember Kimberly’s Smile/Frown Face Reward System.  Sometimes, the simplest tools is what works best, even for adults!  Train well…get a smile face.  Goof off…get a frown.  It works for her kids.  For us adults, the smile/frown face is not the motivator as much as what your kids say to you when they see your performance… it’s their response that can keep you in line.  Set a goal, tell everyone…make it happen!

David and I did intervals at the track on Thursday July 2, and it turned out well.  I ran 7 x 800’s at 3:15 or better and David ran 7 x 800’s at 3:05 or better.  We kind of lost count though due to oxygen deprivation so we did an extra quarter for good measure which allowed me to run my first ever 400 in 1:27.  Felt pretty good except for the burning muscles and bursting lungs!  Woohoo!

Fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and TNT is going well with 76% of my $5,000 goal posted to the website.  I’m hoping that with your help, we can reach and exceed the goal.  If you haven’t already, please consider a donation to support the fight against cancer and honor a loved one.  Each and every one of us knows someone with this scary disease. 

Learn more and donate on-line at: http://pages.teamintraining.org/noh/RoadRun09/ernestlewis  

Thanks for supporting the cause!

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