June 23, 2009 Marathon Training Update

Tuesday June 23, 5 Mile tempo this morning at 7:00 pace with a couple more at 8:00 pace.  Felt pretty good, hot day.  Left kneecap slipped a little so I lost a minute until it slipped back…pain in the butt…

Sunday June 21, ran 17 at 8:00 pace with David.  Good run on a great morning, bit humid but not too bad overall.  Jim came out as did Polly and everyone had a good morning.  Gotta love it. 

Spent the afternoon at the Toledo Zoo with Christopher for Father’s day so I actually had almost 7 hours on my feet…tired, sore and getting a bit grumpy…and I’m thinking I want to run a 100 miler in October…?  How am I going to do this?!  I have a lot of work to do!  Planning on a long run this coming Saturday…30-35, we’ll see how it goes…makes me a bit nervous though I don’t know why since marathons are fairly “normal” for me and this is just a bit longer…just a bit. 

Fear sometimes comes in a little doses..is that good or not so good?  I should read my previous post…

Saturday June 20, ran 6.6 hill workout at Island View in Rossford, then Happy Trails 5K at Wildwood park, then 5 mile tempo with a long break in between each, about 15 total.  Good morning full of running. 

The 5K was with Rachel and Elizabeth and it was Rachel’s first ever 5K.  She did great with about a 10:00 minute pace and she kept it steady the entire distance.  Woohoo!  Elizabeth took off ahead of us with a 9:20 something pace.  A great job in spite of the heat and humidity and crowded conditions with over 800 runners!

Rachel and Elizabeth just joined the TNT team and are doing great.  Everyone is doing great.  It’s a good team.  Just eight of us but everyone is working hard.  They are inspiring!  More on TNT team soon…

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