The Givers Gain Philosophy

I recently attended a Business Network International, BNI, meeting as a guest.  They are a successful networking organization with chapters all across the country and most likely one in your area.  The fundamental concept is that business professionals meet on a regular basis and refer work to each other and build long term relationships.  I learned their philosophy is “Givers Gain.”  How true!

Success in all we do comes through this philosophy which correlates with “No man is an island.”  We can’t do it alone.  It takes support, encouragement, and a little kick in the butt when we need it and these things often come best from outside ourselves.  We need to have an innate ability of course but most of us give in to bad habits, procrastination, and negativity at some point and it’s the people around us that can help us get back on track.  Maybe more importantly, we need to be sure we are there for others when they need us.  That takes commitment to helping others.

We have to be committed to being available as business referral sources, mentors, or just as friends.  When people need help, and we all need help, we need to listen and be supportive in whatever way serves them best.   By providing that service, we become better leaders, better followers, better business partners, better stewards of the community.  It’s good for all of us in many ways.

It can help us build our business such as through the BNI organization, help us grow professionally and personally, and it can help us create stronger communities.  So, the question becomes for each of us… “How can I give today?”

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