Learn, Act, and Compete at a Higher Level

During this recession, we see businesses struggling, mass layoffs, and a high degree of fear of what the future may bring.  At the same time, we see an increase in the number of individuals seeking additional education and training which makes sense in that people realize the need to learn more because of the changing economy.  They see the need to reinvent themselves so that they can compete.  As the economy changes, so changes the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to stay competitive.  As individuals, whether unemployed or not, we must accept this and adapt but also as business owners, we must accept this and adapt as well. 

However, for many businesses we see the opposite behavior in that many have cut training and development dollars, and put on hold leadership development and continuous improvement efforts.  It’s a difficult thing to do as a business…to create change…because of the risk involved and the typical organizational inertia and lack of revenue.  None the less, we cannot just adapt or worse, react, but we must be prognosticators to a degree and attempt to change the right way.  Change too much, too little or in the wrong direction and we will fail.  The difficult economy and the tight margins make our need to move correctly even more important than in easier times.  Most importantly, we cannot create the needed positive change without the support of dedicated and skilled employees.

We must find the path to the right change and do a better job at planning for our future and implementing our plan.  That takes good people and the realization that the need for individual and organizational accountability is at an all time high.  If we can also realize that most employees are willing to get on board to create change that brings organizational success, and job security, we can move not only the organization in the right direction but we can move mountains.

As business owners, we must invest in those activities that support growth and development, leadership, and positive change for only through these efforts, can the organization compete at a higher level!

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